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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Book Coach?

A book coach is a trained story expert and your stand-in for the average reader. They can provide an accurate picture of the reality of what you have on the page because they know how to recognise story fundamentals. They can easily break down the elements of your story, find where it’s lacking, and help you to build them back up in a way that will hook readers and keep them engaged.

How is a Book Coach different to an editor?

While an editor will give you excellent feedback on the page and then send you on your way, a Book Coach, who is also an editor, will give you editorial feedback DURING the developmental and drafting processes. They’ll help you make sense of that feedback and guide you through the process of deciding what steps to take to improve the work. And they’ll cheer you on and encourage you every step of the way.

Do I really need a Book Coach?

Of course not. People write stories without help all the time. But hiring a Book Coach is a bit like hiring a personal trainer, only for your writing life. While you can certainly get fit without a personal trainer, hiring one will get you fit much faster than if you were doing it on you own. In the same way, a Book Coach will help you get your book written much more efficiently than if you were doing it alone. A Book Coach is a project manager, writing mentor, editor and cheerleader all rolled into one.

How can you help me?

If you have an idea for a romance novel but aren’t sure where to start, I can help.

Firstly, I can help you take action; you do so simply by choosing to work with me. I’ll boost your confidence by guiding you through the process of planning a novel-length work. I’ll help you to define your story and build a strong foundation on which to bring it to life. My Story Fundamentals coaching program will get you to the point where you feel confident to start writing your first draft.

If you’ve stalled on a writing project and don’t know how to finish, I can help.

In my Clarity Session coaching option, we’ll work together to uncover the root of the issue that’s stopping you from finishing your project. Once we know why you’re experiencing problems, we can work to overcome them. I can help you to:

  • learn to discern when not to seek feedback
  • focus on what’s important and not on an imagined future
  • form a solid writing habit regardless of how you feel
  • learn to discern when the story is working and when it isn’t

Once we’ve addressed what’s blocking you, my Write Your Pages coaching program will keep you on track and allow you to reach your writing goals.

If you have a finished manuscript but don’t know how to approach revisions, I can help.

Firstly, through my client intaking process, I can help you to discern whether you have a solid draft on which you can conduct developmental edits or whether you need to go back to the drawing board and dig deeper into your story’s fundamental elements. My Story Fundamentals coaching program will help you do that.

If you have a solid draft, my Manuscript Evaluation service will reveal your story’s strengths and where improvements can be made. I can help you devise a plan for revision and prioritise the elements on which to focus first.

If you’d like support and guidance during the revision process, my Write Your Pages coaching program will give you the confidence of knowing you’re on the right track.

Or if you’d prefer to be shown exactly where and how developmental edits should be made, then my Developmental Editing service is just what you need. Or you can get a taste of developmental editing with my Sample Developmental Edit service.

Are you the best Book Coach for me?

In short, if you’re seeking expert feedback from a Book Coach who knows the romance genre and who is professional yet approachable, honest and direct yet compassionate and understanding, then it’s possible we’ll make a good match.

If you write in a genre other than romance, that’s not a deal-breaker — unless you write horror or thrillers. Those genres really aren’t my thing, as I’m a huge scaredy-cat. Please note, though, that if your work contains excessive violence or graphic sexual assault, then I’m probably not the coach for you. Those topics make my stomach turn!

I also don’t think we’ll make a good match if you’re impatient to be published — writing a good story takes time and hard work! — or if you’re too attached to a particular method of writing. I use a well-practiced and refined approach to story development that gets results!

If you’d like to learn more about me and my approach to coaching and editing, feel free to check out my About section. Or why not book in a FREE no-obligation 30-minute Discovery Call to see if we gel — let’s chat!