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Story Fundamentals Courses

Learn how to romance the page with my series of Story Fundamentals Courses*. In Story Basics, build a story concept from scratch, or overhaul the concept of an existing manuscript, then refine and expand on it in Story Framework and Story Roadmap. By the time you’ve completed the series, you’ll have a detailed outline for a well-structured, well-developed and meaningful novel — one you can use to guide you as you write a strong first draft (or revise your existing manuscript).

Develop and strengthen a story concept from scratch or refine an existing idea.


Create characters and explore their romantic connection and conflict.


Devise a plot that will challenge your characters and help them find love.


All courses are offered through my online school for romance writers, Romancing the Page Academy.

Romancing the Page Academy

*Note that while the Story Fundamentals Courses include the premium content I use in my Story Fundamentals Book Coaching program, they do not include any feedback or coaching elements. They are perfect for those writers who prefer to work independently. If, however, you’re looking for expert feedback and one-on-one support, then I’d encourage you to consider the full coaching program.